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May 19, 2012
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The Rising Fallen by ironwitch The Rising Fallen by ironwitch
Base by: :iconsirena93: [link]

Collab for :iconx-x-secret-x-x: ONLY!

Alysa (blonde), Alyster, Rivka

so the main four on here are going to be in the same group and the back two girls are in the second group.

these are chars for a zombie rp me and my love are doing it will more then likely be a mix of every zombie thing... y because thats what i want XD and its my rp lol

Alysa is not going to have a profile outline... y because she is a side char

Alysa Hisky
Age 19 she was on a road trip with her boyfriend at the time and decided to have some fun with him. she put her head in his lap and played with him. he stopped paying attention to the road and ended up crashing the car killing both of them. she woke up a while later and wondered into a near by town that just happened to be a safe town and one controlled by the military, New Ft. Maxwell. she also was a stripper and tries to get with anyone she can finding it fun to play with people

Name: Rivka Puska
Nick name: Ri, Riv, Ka
Race: Human, now known as a Survivor or Risen
Social Class: Military
Age: 26
DOB: April 1st 2088

Height: 6’0”
Hair Color/Style: Naturally light brown, dyes it any color she can now usually purple if she can find it, she keeps it short above her shoulders
Eye Color: light green (human) Bright unnatural green as a Survivor
Physical markings: snake bite piercing, both ears pierced at least ten times, Tattoo on her back of her fathers gun crest, bite mark on her neck
Other Special Traits: knows how to craft guns and other weapons, also a very skilled fighter
Favourite color: Purple, Orange, Green
Music: heavy metal, metal. rock
Food: strawberries, cream, and chocolate
Literature: old letters
Expletives (curse): Fuck, Shit, Damn, Hell, Cunt, Dick, Jackass, Fucker
Mode of transport: walking or military vehicles
Likes: to be alone, killing Zombies, working on new weapons
Dislikes: people having sympathy for the walkers or any of the other Zombies, being near people, people not following orders, people asking her how she became one of the Survivors
Habits: biting her lip and playing with the piercing when deep in thought
Goals/Dreams: to find away to stop the virus that is plaguing the world if not then killing every one and everything that turns into the walking dead
Fears: falling in love
Pet Peeves: whores, being sent on missions with other groups, people liking her
Things That Embarrass: used to be nipping her ear or calling her beautiful now nothing
Most Painful Memories: how she became a Survivor
Family: Father – Max (deceased)
Mother – Lisa (deceased)
Brother(s) – None
Sister(s) - None
Friends: None
Love(s): Abe (deceased)
Enemies: Zombies, some rogue groups, other groups in the city
Home Town: Ft. Maxwell
Current Residence: New Ft. Maxwell
Education: grade school, military academy, officers school
Occupation: Weapon specialist, Now going into towns and getting supplies



Rivka lived a fairly normal life. Her mother died shortly after she was born so her father raised her on his own. He was a weapon smith and was taught by his father so he only saw it fit to pass it on to his only child. He taught her everything he knew first letting her make blades then move into guns. She learned to melt metal and form it with ease.

She wished to be like her father and asked to join the military academy. Her father let her go and watched his daughter grow into a confident young woman. She was skilled in anything that had to do with weapons and even chemical weapons. After she left the academy she joined the officers school and joined the military gaining a job in making and understanding new weapons.

She soon started making weapons and met a young male named Abe. He had seen her in the academy though he wasn’t there willingly. He had became a weapons tester and fast formed a friendship with Rivka. They became boyfriend and girlfriend about a year later after a year or so they moved in together since he father had died a few years back and she had the home to herself.

Abe proposed to her after they were living together for a while. She said yes, they were happy together never being away from each other which helped they had the same friends. One night Abe had woken up and headed down stairs unknown to either of them he had an aneurism in his brain and it burst.

Rivka slept soundly until she heard the door creak slightly. She stretched out smiling slightly keeping her eyes closed like she normally did in the morning. Usually Abe would wake up before her and get breakfast going. He would come back and lean over the bed kissing her neck to wake her up. She thought today was no different.

She stayed still hearing movement. She just laid there feeling weight on the bed . She felt teeth on her neck. Her eyes shot open as they sank into her skin and tore the flesh off. She cried out and kicked Abe off of her. She moved from the bed fast grabbing her cell phone.

She went into the bathroom locking the door having know idea what was happening. She called the cops soon after she felt pain in her neck and in her heart. She collapsed dead on the floor before the police could arrive.

Weeks later she sat up fast in a hospital bed. She looked around touching her neck only to feel a scar. She was praying it was all just a nightmare. She forced herself to stand and go to the mirror seeing her eyes were a strange color. The doctor came in with her old captain. He took her to a room and explained what had been happening in the world. Also telling her of Abe and that she had been pregnant at the time she was turned.
He told her the child hadn’t survived and asked her to join a new group. They had gotten the base secured and a fence up around the areas they commanded. They did tests on the humans they found making sure they were not infected. Also they were to go out into the world looking for others and the ones they were calling Survivors.

She agreed and for a few years she went out alone with no ones help. Her captain ordered her to get a team of four people together since there were more then what they called Walkers, there were new things coming and it was turning more and more dangerous.


Name: Alyster Salvatore
Nick name: Al, Ster
Race: Human, now known as a Survivor or Risen
Social Class: Middle/Upper
Age: 20
DOB: 2093

Height: 6’3”
Hair Color/Style: grey blue, keeps it slightly longer then his shoulders usually up in a pony tail
Eye Color: Naturally left brown right a white blue (from an accident when he was a child known as Heterochromia iridium), now Left is Red right is a bright blue
Physical markings: Bite marks around his body
Other Special Traits: Skilled in swords and fighting
Favourite color: Blue, Red
Music: anything calming
Food: Red meat
Literature: Poems
Expletives (curse): Shit, Damn
Mode of transport: walking or military vehicles
Likes: seeing some happiness in a time of darkness, being around his group, out trying to do good
Dislikes: people who have no hope
Habits: biting his nails, praying after one of the living dead is killed
Goals/Dreams: find as many people as possible
Fears: every one becoming infected
Pet Peeves: being glared at by Rivka
Things That Embarrass: people touching his scars
Most Painful Memories: how he turned into a Survivor
Family: Father – John (deceased)
Mother – Mary (deceased)
Brother(s) – Mark (deceased), Alex (deceased), Nate (deceased)
Sister(s) - Amy (deceased), Jackie (deceased)
Friends: his group
Love(s): none
Enemies: Zombies, some rogue groups, other groups in the city
Home Town: Kentville, Washington. His family moved near Ft. Maxwell soon after he went off to collage
Current Residence: New Ft. Maxwell
Education: Collage
Occupation: Teacher



Alyster lived a normal life his parents couldn’t have children after him so they fostered kids which he loved since they adopted the ones who didn’t wish to leave. He never saw any of his brothers or sisters as anything other then that.

He got into karate and fencing when he was young and moved to Japan to go to collage and learn all he could and be able to teach others. He even studied Buddhism wanting to be able to calm his mind.

He came home on summer vacation and spent the day out with the whole family though his father had been acting strange. He told him they should go to the doctor to make sure nothing was wrong but his father said no and that he would be fine.

They had gotten home and went to bed Alyster having took over the basement a few years ago when his brothers had gotten older. He was sleeping soundly and didn’t know that his father had a heart attack in the night.

His father had gotten the infection and went after his mother also turning her. They soon went to the children’s rooms and done the same. Smelling the only living meat in the house they all moved to the basement and went to Alyster.

He slowly woke up right before they attacked him and started biting and tearing his flesh off. He struggled not understanding what was happening till he saw that all but his father had been eaten slightly.

He managed to get the far enough away from him to get an old sword he had. He killed his whole family before he collapsed in the middle of it all. Rivka found him hours later and went around his house making sure there was no more.

He woke up looking around his room. He heard something and swung the sword only to see a gun in his face. Rivka told him what she knew and offered him to become a part of her group he accepted not seeing any other choice.

lots of reading XD

ok Rivka's piercings have meaning the two on her lips is for Abe and her unborn child. the ones on her ears were from the first Zombies she killed. having no more room on her ears she got a tattoo of her father's crest on her back and slowly adds pieces to it adding up to how many zombies she kills. she really dislikes people and comes off as a cold heartless bitch which she has turned into.

the doctors suggest NOT to get piercings or tattoos but they do not say much to the Survivors since they are infected already though they do not allow humans to get any

Rivka's group is called the Fallen

more info later maybe XD
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