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October 19, 2012
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The Pillar by ironwitch The Pillar by ironwitch
Base By: :iconangel-pixel15: [link]

Meaning: Free From Impurity; Moonlight

i put the meaning up since it goes with the whole story i am going to try and put with this doll lol

A man walked into the room of the young woman he protected. He looked at her standing near her window. He smiled to himself always enjoying being by her and around her. His smile faded when he felt the forbidden feelings he had for her.

He waited a moment knowing as of late she would stare out at the world more and more. She just started doing it a little while ago and he figured it was because of the change in the air. The people of her world hated her more then ever.

She was the one who was made to make sure the world was happy and safe. It worked for thousands of years. Some bad things happened but no one ever blamed her for them. She had no control over some things such as life and death but once one person realized it was easy to blame her and not just fate and the way of life others soon followed.

Mans heart was now corrupt and unforgiving. Because of this the world around her changed shifting into a darker and colder world. Only her territory was the way the world used to be though it was starting to get smaller. Her love for the people and the world wasn’t enough to stopped the corrupt hearts of her people.

He sighed softly “why is it my lady that your windows are shaped like hearts?” the young woman blinked slowly coming out of her state. She thought for a moment “Because every time I look out of them it reminds me how much I love everyone and everything.”

The man frowned just slightly “So my lady do you love me?” she slowly looked to him and let off that heart melting smile of hers “of course I love you” there was a pain in him every time she said that. He knew she didn’t love him as he loved her which killed him.

She was pure as long as the hate of man didn’t get into her and corrupt her. Her purity wasn’t based in the physical since she could have sex or be raped and still be pure as long as her heart stayed that way. Everyone who lived here was here to protect her but everyone here was able to be corrupted more easily then her.

The hearts of men were weak and most who saw her couldn’t help but love her. This trusted guard had been here since the beginning watched her grow and train and become the young woman she was now. His love was there for a long time but it wasn’t like anyone else’s for her.

He loved her true and pure but couldn’t let anyone know or he would loose her forever. The mages and profits believed if she fell in love it would be the end of everything faster then if she was to be corrupt. Mystics believed differently thinking if she found true and pure love it would make her stronger and stop the change of this world.

The world was now full of evil and hateful people as well as monsters. Everything was changing around her and she was hidden from all of it. It was everyone’s job to keep her not only physically safe but shielded from what was happening and the hate her people felt for her.

<.< wwwwoooooooooo got that out of the head now XD

just something i thought up

if it becomes a rp then of course the guy is free to change and mold into what my love wishes.... this was just a random long ass story that came to me XD

main points She is the one who keeps everything happy. man learned it is easy to blame someone else for everything. darkness is coming from their hate changing the world. yepyep XD

oh she glows slightly not no blinding light but enough to be seen... it will be how the mages and others see if she is becoming corrupt

i think thats it

OH LOVE her eyes XD
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She's beautiful and the meaning of her name is very lovely :3
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hope thats good XD

^.^ thank you i liked it
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You're welcome.
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