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December 23, 2010
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Laima Arella Starkosia by ironwitch Laima Arella Starkosia by ironwitch
Base By: :iconfelirile: [link]


Name: Laima Arella Starkosia
Nickname: Lai, Laim, Ella
Race: Human
Social Class: Royalty
Age: 17, having her 18th birthday in a few weeks
DOB: early spring at sunset

Height: 5’9”
Hair Color/Style: White with two light green streaks, Warn down, in a braid, or in an up do depending on the day and what is going on.
Eye Color: Green with a hint of grey
Physical markings: A birthmark on her lower back that is in the shape of a dragon
Other Special Traits: Has seen dragons when no one has seen them for years, though she is told they are not really and its just her imagination
Favorite color: Green, pale colors, red
Music: Harp
Food: sweets and vegetables
Literature: almost anything
Expletives (curse): none
Mode of transport: Walk, horse, carriage
Likes: Dragons, things that are not real, sneaking into town, horse back riding.
Dislikes: being around her family, being a princess, being told things are not real when she sees them
Habits: Braiding her hair when bored, running away when annoyed or mad.
Goals/Dreams: To see her friend Ashe again and get away from the life of a princess
Fears: To be stuck marrying a prince and to marry someone that doesn’t understand her
Pet Peeves: Being told things are not real, her family excepting her to want to go and marry a stranger.
Things That Embarrass: people saying she is beautiful. Being caught in her night dress.
Most Painful Memories: Having to tell her only friend Ashe that he wasn’t real and she wasn’t able to see him any more
Family: Father – Abaven
Mother – Shahar
Brother(s) – Uther, Dimas
Sister(s) - None
Friends: Ashe (past)
Love(s): Ashe (future)
Enemies: Erebos
Home Town: High Mountain Province
Current Residence: Castle of the Dragons
Education: What her mother taught her, some schooling
Occupation: Being a Princess



Laima’s life was fairly normal she grew up with her two older brothers. Around the age of five she started seeing a dragon, it wasn’t very often but by the age of seven her and this dragon became friends, his name was Ashe. They where best friends for a very long time. She would tell her parents and brothers about him and talk about him a lot. She didn’t really understand why no one else could see him. She spent every moment she could with him. By the age of twelve her father got sick of her telling them about Ashe. He told her Ashe wasn’t real and the next time she saw him she was to tell him he wasn’t real and she wasn’t able to see him again.

She did as she was told and the next time she saw Ashe she told him that. After he left she cried for a few days on and off. She couldn’t believe she didn’t have a friend anymore. Her parents where happy and started getting her ready to be a queen one day. She grew up thinking about Ashe often and soon realized on her 18th birthday she was to be given her hand to a prince of another province. She wished she could run away and find someone who actually cared about her. She was to have two weeks with the man her parents chose for her after that she was to be married to him.

When she was sixteen she found out her family came from a long line of dragon slayers. Everyone knew all dragons had been killed. No one believed her because there was no way that there was a live dragon left in the world.


Every Day clothes: elegant made of the best fabrics and finest jewels
Town Clothes: simple made of cheaper cloth
Runaway Clothes: she made them on her own incase she ever wanted to run away she needed something that was easy to move in
Formal clothes: made with jewels, silver and gold the best clothing she owns
Sleep Wear: shorter to longer depending on the season

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