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June 18, 2010
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Julian by ironwitch Julian by ironwitch
Base By: :iconxsecret-midnightx: [link]
Edit: Made him pinker and gave him darker more red hair. Why? because i wasnt happy with him before :P, oh and added his bday

Julian, New OC for a Rp With :iconxsecret-midnightx:

and yes he wears glasses almost all the time

Info on him
Name: Julian Luis Rease
Nickname: Jul, Juls, Luis, Rease, Lu
Age: 23
Birthday: December 21st
Race: Sin-Eater


Hair Color: Rich Russet Red
Hair Style: He usually keeps it at his shoulders or a little longer, if he gets sick of it he cuts it very short just long enough to spike it.
Eyes: R: Blue L: Green, he some times weirs contacts to make his eyes both blue or both green but it is usually when he’s in school, so when he is out of school people just think he mixed his contacts when really its his natural eye colors
Height: 6’2”
Scars: He has a few on his back chest arms and legs from when he was a child (they are small and only he could point them out), the biggest one is on his left arm, he got it in a bar fight.
Tattoos: The Tree of life with a floral bird like design, It covers his whole back (pic [link])
Piercings: None


Family: Father -
Mother -
Brother(s) - None
Sister(s) - None
Children - None

Friends: All the people at the fetish club
Lovers: Indigo
Enemies: The Black Howl Gang


Fav Color(s): White, Black, Green, Blue, and Gray
Fav Music/Band: 30 Seconds to Mars, Escape the Fate, Bullet for My Valentine, The Used
Fav Book/Manga: All kinds of books, he doesn’t really have a set book he likes
Fav Food: Pizza, Spaghetti, Salads, Meat
Fav Drink: Mountain Dew, Rum, hard liquor, Milk

Home Town: Greenwich, Connecticut
Current Residence: Aealli, Kansas
Occupation:: Collage Bar Tender
Learning: Attending College

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Preferred Position: Dominate

Top Five Sexual Fantasies

1 - Pleasure Torture - Make sure the Submissive cant touch themselves in any way and give them pleasure stopping before they climax, starting it back up again until they truly cant take anymore and beg you to have sex with them

2 - In The Rain - Couple goes to a park and it ends up down pouring while things are getting hot and heavy and they end up having sex

3 - Bondage - Any kind (mostly like [link])

4 - Costume Play -Any

5 - Vampire - a vampire male is hunted and finds his hunter who he ends up feeding from and slamming them against a wall having sex with them.


Personal History

Julian was born into a very wealthy family. His mother and father only had him, she couldn’t have any more children after he was born but she didn’t care he was all she needed. His father wasn’t home very often but his mother was a stay at home mom though she had nannies to watch him if she wasn’t feeling well or if she was extra tired. Julian was very close to his mother when he wasn’t in school he was usually with her.

Him and his mom did everything together they had a huge garden outside both flowers and vegetables. She thought him everything she knew about flowers and everything else. She always called him Juls, because he was her jewel. If anyone picked on him for that nickname he would beat them up, sometimes very badly. But he never got kicked out of school thanks to how much money his father gave them.

He went to private school all his life even for preschool. He was a very smart kid even reached the level of being called a genius but he hated being called it so he started holding back at school so he would just be average. When he was about 14 he started home school so he could be with his mother, she had gotten cancer and was dieing so he wanted to be around her. He watched his mother pass away and was taken care of by nannies after that, since he only saw his father like twice a year.

He went back to school and after he graduated him and a few friends went to Europe for a trip before collage. He was 18 when he got the call that his father had been murdered and that everything his father and mother had was now his. He went back home and sold almost all the properties they owned other then the house he grew up in and a few vacation houses they had.

He got a tattoo in his parents honor, the tree of life for his father and a floral bird like design in memory of his mother. He moved to go to college and decided to get a job and save the money he got from his parents for when he really needed it. He got a job bar tending at the college bar, one night some men started a fight and he went to break it up. The one man had a chain and it wrapped around Julian’s arm but instead of moving away or letting go of the guy he grabbed the chain, it cut into his arm but he managed to throw the guys out of the bar, he had to get it stitched up, now he has a scar from where the chain got him.

After the second year of college he started seeing more money being added to his accounts that his parents left him, but when he asked the bank what was going on they wouldn’t answer. So he keeps trying to find out who and how more money is being added to his parents accounts.

He is to go with (well at least be in the rp with her XD) [link]

Im going to do a doll with his parents so i can put more info on him and them XD
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He reminds me of Grell in a way
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please look at this. something must be done. i don't thnk she got the fact that this WASN'T a base.
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